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In 2008 Jason Barker was searching for a low-cost machining solution to aid his scenic construction company. When Jason couldn’t find anything suitable, he had his ‘ah-ha’ moment and set about developing a unique robotic system that could create large scale props in intricate detail but with a quick turnaround.

Spotting a gap in the market, Jason realised the full potential for incorporating robotics as milling machines and knew that other sectors also needed a cost-effective tool. Over time the machining robots became so successful that it took over from the normal set building business and CNC Robotics was formed in 2010. Having the vision and ability to show other sectors what could be achieved has meant we have transformed the productivity and performance of many companies worldwide.

Our company’s unique mix of passion, tenacity and innovation has made us the UK’s market leaders and we develop systems for every manufacturing process you can imagine – cutting, drilling, gluing, lifting, milling, packing, painting, picking, placing, printing, sorting, trimming and welding to name just a few!

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